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My highest score was 6.34 minutes, but I believe I survived for a minute longer? This game has a fun premise, and the voice acting in the beginning was great. I agree with what others have mentioned previously (about crosshairs, reload time, etc.), as well as that the graphics lagged a lot for me. They weren't smooth as I've seen in other videos but they were as shiny! The monsters in these games look downright horrifying. Looking forward to your future content!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm hard at work prepping Dead Behind as a proper release with more levels, better performance, a thousand bug fixes and more fun :) Can't wait to show it to you!

The game has some bugs, but I really enjoyed the overall concept. It feels like it would be right at home in the SCP universe.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) You held out for a long time in that video :)

Loved the idea and the whole concept. The only issue was the changing of the weapons. Too slow and sometimes does not work at all.

Hi! Thank you for playing and the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. There are updates coming soon that will address some issues and the game will continue to grow from here.

Looking at your stream, you might like another game I have (very different from this, but more complete) too:

Thanks for playing :)

The pistol animation reminds me of RE7.

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We're sorry, but we've removed your submission from the Haunted Hunting Jam. We don't believe it matches closely enough with the central theme of the jam and reflect this in our guidelines:

"Your submission should be centered around the theme of the hunt. If hunting, or being hunted, is only tangentially related to your project, your project may be removed."

We wish you luck in the future!


No problemo, makes sense if it is too far from your central theme. Best of luck with the jam :)

Loved the sample so far, its really showing of some great potential and love the details when it comes to actually adding names to the fallen soldiers etc, looking forward to see more of it!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! 

Definitely got extremely dark near the end, hah

Thanks for playing guys! Fun to watch :)

Your game is so rainy :) At least on screenshots

More rain == More horror :D